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Name Date of Birth Date of Death Picture Life Career More Info
AYLWARD, Arthur       x x info
BOURKE, Algernon Henry x x x x x info
BRACKENBURY, Henry, Sir x x x x x info
COLLINS, Henry Ramsay x x   x x info
CREALOCK, Henry Hope x x   x x info
DADD, Frank x x   x x info
DORMER, Francis Joseph x x   x x info
EDWARDS, (Henry) Dennis x x   x x info
FORBES, Archibald x x x x x info
FRANCIS, Francis x x   x x info
FRIPP, Charles Edwin x x   x x info
GLANVILLE, Doyle, Dr.   x   x x info
HENSMAN, Howard   x   x x info
MacKENZIE, Frederick R. x     x x info
MATHERS, Edward Peter x x x x x info
MOORE, Francis Frankfort x x x x x info
NORMAN, Charles B. Capt.         x info
NORRIS-NEWMAN, Charles L. W. M., ... x     x x info
PEARSE, Alfred E., Capt. x x   x x info
PIGOTT, John D. x x   x x info
PRIOR, Melton x x x x x info
ROBINSON, Philip Stewart x x   x x info
WILSON, Thomas Walter x x   x x info
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