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With the best resources in the world there are bound to be mistakes in a database of this size. If you discover any, please let the editors know and we will rectify the situation. If you have any additional information on individuals included in the database, or if there are any journalists whom you think warrant inclusion this information would also be helpful. Please understand however that we will always require reliable references to justify any corrections or additions to the information contained herein.

Our information submission form allows you to provide us with information about the profession of journalism - whether it be biographical, genealogical, political or historical.

Any corrections or additional information to the database can be communicated electronically using this form, or alternatively please send the following to the address listed below.

  • Name of journalist
  • Comments
  • Your contact details including address, telephone and email
  • Appropriate references

The editor's address is:

Eamon Dyas
11 Hollymount Close,
SE10 8TH
United Kingdom

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