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Search strategies

The “Search” facility offers three alternative ways of finding relevant records.

The Surname option in this context provides a more precise means of identifying a particular journalist as it enables searches to target a smaller range of names more directly. A simple typing in of a particular surname will produce all the records in the database with this particular surname and exclude all others.

The Keyword option offers access to all those records which contain the particular word being searched. For instance the word "Paris" will pull out all those entries where the word exists in an individual journalist's record whether in the "Life" or "Career" fields.

The Category option facilitates access to those records where a "Keyword" search might not be an option. For instance, it would be impossible to find all the women journalists by using the keyword "woman" as a search term. Such a keyword would not be included in most entries for women journalists unless of course they happened to work for a journal called "woman" at some point in their career. Category searches provide access to a number of controlled terms ranging from "Art critic" to "Woman".

It is also possible to narrow a particular search by using a combination of all three options in the Search facility.

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