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Information arrangement

Each entry includes names, dates of birth and death and pseudonyms/noms de plume (where known), followed by "Career" information. This consists of the name of the periodical or newspaper on which the journalist was employed, the capacity in which they were employed and the dates of such employment (where known).

The “Career” information is followed by “Life” information. This will usually include information on dates and location of birth, parentage, education and professional bodies to which they belonged. It will also include, where it is known, other aspects of their lives outside the profession of journalism together with dates and location of the subject's death as well as the addresses where they resided during their life. In some instances it will also provide references to where an illustration, photograph or other relevant image of the subject might be found.

There are also some hundreds of instances where an actual photograph or image of the subject can be displayed as an intrinsic part of the record.

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