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The "Browse" facility offers three alternative ways of interrogating the database.

The Surname option provides an overview of all the names contained in the database arranged alphabetically. A click on an individual letter generates the names of all those journalists whose surname begins with that particular letter. These will be arranged screen by screen with each screen displaying a range of names within the initial letter. The surname information is arranged horizontally with symbols indicating the extent of information available in the main record. Placing the curser over a particular symbol to the right of the name will reveal what elements of information are contained within the main record.

The Pseudonym option provides a alphabetical list of all the pseudonyms used in the database. By clicking this option a drop down alphabetical list is displayed. Clicking a particular letter will produce all the pseudonyms beginning with that letter used by journalists in the main database. The identification of the journalist who used any particular pseudonym is only available in the main record.

The Conflicts & Wars option provides a list of journalists who reported on particular events from 1800 to 1950. On clicking this option you are asked to choose the starting decade of the conflict in question. Once a decade is chosen the list of all the events in that decade is revealed in a separate drop-down menu and a click on any particular Conflict or War will reveal the names and a link to the journalist who covered the chosen event.

Three Journalists

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